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Work with a leading accountant Bundoora and get real-world accounting, tax, and financial advice. iCompass provides useful and specific accounting services for businesses and individuals

Leading Accountants in Bundoora

As a boutique accounting firm, iCompass specialises in providing personalised accounting services for businesses and private clients. We work closely with you to provide accounting services and financial planning advice that delivers tangible results. Over the years we’ve worked with businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries and situations. We know what it takes to achieve the results you’re looking for, and so develop solutions that are customised to your individual needs. Talk to our experienced accountants and we’ll help you get your financials in order and create a plan to ensure they stay that way.

Our services are proactive, meaning we provide you with the accounting advice and support in the moment, when you need it, not just when you ask for it. Talk to our team today for more information on our services and discover how we can help you.

Our Practise Accounting Certifications

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CPA – Certified Practicing Accountants
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Gold Champion Xero Partner
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Registered Taxation Agents
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Registered ASIC Agents

Why Hire a Professional Accountant?

Even if you have experience with basic accounting, iCompass accountants Bundoora can provide you with the additional support you need to make accurate financial decisions. You’ll benefit from having a dedicated accountant at your disposal, someone who has an in-depth knowledge of tax laws and financial strategy.
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Fixed Price Accounting Packages

iCompass’ fixed price accounting packages and online tools make it simple to keep track of your accounting. Discuss your needs with our team and we can help you choose the package that best fits your needs. Our packages are designed to make sure your compliance obligations are met and that you’re completely prepared for tax time. For more information on our accounting packages, discuss your needs with our accountants today.

Our Accounting Services

We cover all aspects of finance and accounting, including:
Income tax returns
Tax planning strategies
Financial reporting
ATO & ASIC Lodgements
Setting up a new business
Cashflow forecasting
Business plans
Franchise Advice
Online Business Advice
Tax audits
Preparation of financial statements
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Accounting for Businesses in Bundoora

iCompass can work directly with business owners to provide comprehensive accounting and financial advising and support. We assist businesses of all sizes in Australia, providing tax advice, financial management, and tailored accounting services. Our experienced accountants are devoted to making sure you can stay on top of your accounting, bookkeeping and tax obligations, so you can focus on growing your business. We’re with you every step of the way, from startup to expansion, ready to provide tailored accounting support as you need it.

Xero Accounting Services

iCompass can help your business get set up with internationally acclaimed Xero software. Combined with professional advice and support from iCompass Accountants, you can quickly and easily take control of business accounting. 

Xero offers a platform for simple day-to-day account management. iCompass handles the rest, with set review periods, compliance assistance, and tax return completion. Other services, such as online authorisation of documents, streamline the process and let you deal with tax and compliance quickly so you can focus on the more important things. For more information on Xero Accounting, contact us today.

We Work With Clients Across Different Industries

iCompass is committed to providing tailored advice for all our clients. We work hard to understand your industry and the unique requirements that come with it. It’s what helps us to deliver leading accounting services for private clients and businesses across a wide range of different industries.

We work with clients in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Building & Construction
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance Consultants
  • Medical Practices
  • Legal Professionals
  • Property Investors &
  • Developers
  • Architects
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accountant bundoora services

SMSF & Financial Planning Services

iCompass can help you take a more personal approach to managing your finances. We can work with you from the start of your financial journey, ensuring that our consultations are tailored toward what’s best for you. If you’re looking to make the most of your SMSF, or take greater control of your financial future, ask us about our SMSF management and financial planning services today.

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