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The difference between a startup that ends shortly and one that grows into a lasting business is in its financial planning. You need a specialist startup accountant service that can handle all aspects of your operational finances and ensure you’re on the road to long-term financial freedom and liquidity. For the best startup accountant, hire professionals from iCompass today.


Startup Accountant Offering Personalised Packages and Advice

When you work with iCompass, we can tailor personalised packages to suit your requirements. With easy to manage fixed price and monthly payment options, you’ll never have to worry about your business financials. We’ll help you stay on top of taxes, budgeting, invoices, cash flows and various financial statements and financial reporting requirements. Ready to get your business in shape? With professional financial advice and accounting from iCompass, you can overcome anything.

A Leading Startup Accountant In Melbourne

Why choose us? iCompass is a unique boutique accounting firm located in Preston, 10km north of Melbourne CBD. We understand the turbulent working environment for startup businesses and as a small business owner ourselves, we know just what it takes to handle the financial challenges that may come your way.

Our Practise Accounting Certifications

iCompass is a highly qualified team of practising accountants. We’re more than equipped to deal with the finances of your startup with our following certifications:

cpa compass
CPA – Certified Practicing Accountants
tax compass
Gold Champion Xero Partner
unison compass
Registered Taxation Agents
xero compass
Registered ASIC Agents

Why The Extra Hand Will Go A Long Way For Your Startup

iCompass offers accounting and financial services specifically designed to cater to your needs. We understand different niches as we’ve worked with various startups from different industries. Ask yourself the following questions: How are your business finances being managed? Are things getting hectic and difficult to handle? A startup accountant will help you streamline your accounting processes, allowing you to keep a good cash flow and maximise your returns. Best of all, iCompass’ accountants can help you look forward into the future and plan your next move. We’re here to help you see liquid, lasting financial success.
startup accountant service

Get Your Financials In Order With iCompass Startup Accountants

Our team provides an uncompromising work ethic to deliver the best results for your business. We work to cater to your challenges, financial requirements and business goals. We implement financial plans that help your business grow. If you’d like more proactive and comprehensive financial support on your side, then our startup accountants are the perfect choice. We work closely with you and stay up to date when it comes to your business situation, industry changes, reacting and adapting easily to your requirements.

Fixed Price Startup Accounting Packages

You don’t need a hefty investment to start bettering your business. We offer fixed price startup accounting packages that lets you pre-plan and anticipate your small business accounting needs. You won’t have to deal with the headache of startup accounting as our fixed price packages and online tools will cover everything from reporting, budgeting, advice and tax consults. If you’d like incredible support according to your business goals, we can make sure you’re fully operational and optimised in your transactions while meeting all your compliance obligations. From initial inception to your startup’s daily run, iCompass can help you set up and gain structure for meaningful growth according to your tax and accounting requirements. These are some aspects of finance and accounting we can take care of for you:

Income tax returns
Tax planning strategies
Financial reporting
ATO & ASIC Lodgements
Setting up a new business
Cashflow forecasting
Business plans
Franchise Advice
Online Business Advice
Tax audits
Preparation of financial statements

Get in Touch With Our Startup Accountants

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