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Operating your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) provides you with the ability to choose your investment options and be in control of your retirement. Running your own fund can provide a range of advantages but involves considerable responsibility and commitment.

An SMSF gives you total control of your Super by allowing you to choose where you invest. This control will allow you to consider investing in a wide range of investments, such as Term Deposits, Domestic & International Shares, and Residential & Commercial Property.

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Thornbury is popular with singles who have not married making up 46.0% of the Thornbury population[1].  As a SMSF can have from one to a maximum of four members, it is suitable for singles to invest in their own SMSF while strengthen their understanding of the investment markets, a field previously the domain of the affluent.

Thornbury also has a strong married population (39.6%)[2], making it imperative to plan for your families’ future and your retirement.   Thornbury’s population includes 28.3% of people fully owning their own home and another 28.0% in the process of owning with a mortgage[3].  Are you on track to owning your own home in Thornbury when you retire?

Thornbury is a suburb located about 6 kms to the north of the Melbourne CBD with a postcode 3071.  Thornbury’s occupations are primarily professionals (33.5%), clerical & administrate workers (12.1%), managers (10.8%), and technicians & trader workers (9.3%) and Thornbury has an average age of 36-years[4].

Ask yourself:

  • Do you live in Thornbury and want to take control of your superannuation?
  • Are you on track for achieving the retirement lifestyle you desire?
  • Have you got your superannuation and personal insurance in order to protect yourself and your family in case the worst should happen to you?

Self-Managed Super Funds

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is used by many Melbournian’s to allow them to take control of their retirement by managing their superannuation to achieve their retirement goals.

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a small superannuation trust with between one and four members that is set up to provide retirement income for the fund’s members.  The members themselves act as the fund’s trustees, which means they control and manage their super fund.

A SMSF functions similar to other superannuation fund types.  The trustee of the fund holds assets for the benefit of the members, but in an SMSF the trustee is made up of the members (whether directly as Trustee or as directors of a Corporates Trustee), giving them control over the assets and allowing them to develop the investment strategy on how those assets will be invested subject to some restrictions.

A SMSF can invest in most investment products within some restrictions, such as property (commercial and residential), shares and other securities, as well as rare assets like artwork.

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How to take control of your superannuation

Some key reasons why people choose to have a SMSF:

  • Take control of their super
  • Manage the family’s super in the one fund
  • Cost effective opportunities with a SMSF
  • Flexibility with the broad investment choices
  • Tax planning and taxation efficiency
  • Long-term retirement plan
  • Estate planning opportunities


If like over a million other Australian’s you want to take control of your superannuation, then contact SMSF iCompass on 1300 554 948 or email

New laws governing the provision of SMSF Advice

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) requires by law that from 1 July 2016 that any accountant who wishes to work in the area of Self-Managed Superannuation and provide their clients with any form of strategic advice, must be formally authorised to do so.  The accountant must achieve specific education and licencing qualifications or accreditations and be licensed either directly with ASIC or via a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)

We are pleased to confirm that SMSF iCompass has achieved these licensing requirements with Unison Wealth Management (AFSL No: 28621) and our principal, Anthony Luvisetto, has also attained the required individual licencing educational requirements to continue to provide clients with expert general strategy advice.

As part of these new regulations, commencing 1 July 2016, any strategy advice provided by SMSF iCompass will be done via the issue of a formal Statement of Advice (SoA).  These new requirements provide us with the opportunity to deliver a more comprehensive service to our clients who either have an existing Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, or are considering establishing one.

[1], [2], [3], [4] Thornbury Demographics (VIC) Local Stats
Sighted: 19/02/2017

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